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Wait, what’s this all about?

William Callaghan of Tax Depreciation ReportsHi, my name is Will. I created this website because I saw a need: there’s no independent company in Australia willing to guide property owners through the pitfalls of tax depreciation. If you need a report, you’re on your own in a sea of sharks.

I’m a 2nd generation Quantity Surveyor and ATO-authorised & qualified tax depreciation report provider. I’ve been providing tax depreciation reports for over a decade, and in that time I’ve seen how confusing some companies are making it for clients. They take advantage of how “grey” tax law is when it comes to investment properties, and charge a lot of money for very little.

(Those companies aren’t associated with this site.)

I built this site to make it easy for anyone to get a report they can trust at a good price. You can read more about how it all works here, but here’s the upside for you:

  • Quick & easy Why repeat yourself? Just fill in a single request and get 3 quotes within one business day—usually much sooner.
  • Confidence in your supplier No need to stress about choosing the wrong company. I’ve personally vetted them, and only use those I know are reliable and honest.
  • Suppliers near you I’ve done the legwork. You will only get quotes from  surveyors who can service your property location.
  • Competitive pricing The companies I get quotes from are not the cheapest, but they are not the most expensive either. There is a sweet spot between paying the monkeys peanuts, and getting taken for a ride.
  • ATO-compliant reports Because I allow only the best companies into our Preferred Supplier network, I can guarantee ATO compliance.
  • Maximum tax deductions Don’t settle for low-quality reports that leave money on the table. I guarantee you won’t have to pay the tax-man any more than necessary.
  • 100% free of charge I take no money from you. I make money by taking a small flat fee on accepted quotes—not a percentage of revenue.

Get your 3 quotes
1 form, zero obligation
Check if you need a report
Free calculator to estimate savings

My Total BS Filter Guarantee

No one wants one of these reports for the hell of it. You want it to save money on tax. But a bad report can actually do more harm than good. Harm like an ATO audit.

The trouble is, it’s really hard to know if you can trust a company to produce a good report. Many companies will shamelessly convince you, because they know you can’t easily tell until it’s too late.

I certify all my suppliers 100% 1st class.

Get your 3 quotes
1 form, zero obligation
Check if you need a report
Free calculator to estimate savings

If you still have questions, you’re most welcome to email or call. Just head over to the contact page and I’ll help you out personally.

Will Callaghan


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