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William Callaghan of Tax Depreciation ReportsHi, I’m Will Callaghan—founder and owner of Tax Depreciation Quotes. I am a fully qualified Quantity Surveyor with over 10 years’ experience in Tax Depreciation schedule preparation. I have personally prepared over 4,000 tax depreciation reports, seeing most through from start to finish. That is, from the 1st phone call right through to posting the hard copy report. When it comes to industry knowledge, it’s fair to say I hold my own.

The point of this for you is that I have the knowledge and industry experience to know which vendors to recommend. Nobody gets onto my Preferred Suppliers list without satisfying my very strict criteria. And these criteria are perhaps unusually exacting, because I’m a 2nd generation Quantity Surveyor. I remember spending many days in my childhood school holidays hanging out in Quantity Surveying offices like Rider-Hunt, checking out the blueprints and “helping” measure new projects with my father. For a while I struck out on my own to do landscaping, but I “came home” in 2008, joining my father’s trade. And when your dad’s breathing down your neck, your standards go up!

All that to say, I feel like I have a personal stake in representing only the best our industry has to offer. It’s like home, and you don’t invite shysters and con-men into your home, do you?

I’ve now clocked up over a decade as a QS, and have become widely recognized in the industry. I even explain the finer points of Tax Depreciation at CPA chapter meetings. Meanwhile, my father, Ron Callaghan, is still hard at it, clocking up over 56 years as a QS!

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